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How to know if you have a crush.

This is my first post I am very excited I will be helping you with your problems and I hope to make them I will be telling you how to know if you have a crush.

If you can’t sleep at night you have a crush- try and sleep as much as you can I know it’s hard it happened to me last night I didn’t sleep till midnight.

If they are all you can think about you have a crush- try and not let them distract you.

If when your near you start to shake or have butterfly’s you’ve guessed it you have a crush- tell them how you feel and don’t be scared your not alone we’ve all experienced it. You may feel sick but don’t worry it’s normal.

If you start doing things you don’t normally do you might have a crush- you may go yo places they hang out to try and bump into them. You might watch a soccer match even if you hate soccer just to see them.

There are plenty more way of finding out I hope I have helped and if you do have a crush be brave and tell them.

Love Aimee xxx